Marvel Universe Series II 1991


(cello pack of Nos. 1-45-51-57-124; slight differences from basic set)
(4-up panel, Nos. 10-45-1-85; Previews; numbered to 30000)  
Toy Biz Promos
These cards were inserted in Toy Biz action-figure packs, and have the
same images as Marvel Universe I cards, but state "Look for Marvel Universe
Series II Trading Cards, Available June 1991.  The other difference from the
same cards in the Universe I collection is that the Impel and Toy Biz logos
replace the "Did You Know..." box on the earlier cards, and the card background
is blue instead of yellow.

Apocalypse     [card 80 in Marvel Universe I]
Juggernaut     [55]
Nightcrawler   [38]