Marvel Legends Showdown / Super Hero Showdown

Wave 1 (Starter Wave 1 and Booster Waves 1 and 2)
P-01 360 Degree Vision
P-02 Acrobatic Dodge
P-03 Armory
P-04 Asgard
P-05 Base of Operation
P-06 Baxter Building
P-07 Blind Alley
P-08 Blindsided
P-09 Burning Mad
P-10 Cerebro
P-11 Daily Bugle
P-12 Danger Room
P-13 Dark Alley
P-14 Doc Ock's Lab
P-15 Earthquake!
P-16 Find Weakness
P-17 Flurry of Blows
P-18 Graveyard
P-19 Gust of Wind
P-20 Handy Weapon
P-21 Huge Target
P-22 Leg Sweep
P-23 Medical Attention
P-24 Mindless Attack
P-25 Muir Island
P-26 Mystical Transformation
P-27 Not So Fast
P-28 Outnumbered
P-29 Rejuvenation
P-30 Revenge Strike
P-31 Road Block
P-32 Stop Time
P-33 Super Punch
P-34 Teleportation
P-35 Victory Stance
P-36 War Room

Wave 2 (Starter wave 2, Rider sets, Booster Waves 3 and 4)
P-37 Absent Friends
P-38 All in Due Time
P-39 Armed to the Teeth
P-40 Avalon Space Station
P-41 Body Blow
P-42 Boulder Toss
P-43 Caught Off-Guard
P-44 Come to Me!
P-45 Desperate Measures
P-46 Double Trouble
P-47 Field Dressing
P-48 Genosha
P-49 Hostage Situation
P-50 Meditation
P-51 Mega Punch
P-52 Nerve Center
P-53 New Fantastic Four Building
P-54 Parry
P-55 Phoenix Rising
P-56 Pride
P-57 Reed's Underwater Lab
P-58 S.H.I.E.L.D. Base
P-59 Sabotage
P-60 Sanctuary
P-61 Smash!
P-62 Strength in Numbers
P-63 Surge of Power
P-64 Surprise Attack
P-65 Knee Strike
P-66 The Dojo
P-67 The Maelstrom
P-68 Uncontrollable Rage
P-69 Underground Base
P-70 Underwater Arena
P-71 Brute Force Attack
P-72 Weapons Locker

Power Cards
BST-01 Acrobat
BST-02 Feral Rage
BST-03 Super-Leap
BST-04 Genius
BST-05 New Perspective
BST-06 True Blue Friend
Captain America
CAP-01 Retrieve
CAP-02 Ricochet
CAP-03 Shield Bash
CAP-04 Leadership
CAP-06 Tactics
COL-01 Organic Steel
COL-02 Stand Firm
COL-03 Strength of Character
COL-04 Fazstball Special
COL-05 Self-Sacrifice
COL-06 Transformation
CYC-04 Leadership
CYC-05 Overload
CYC-06 Revenge
DAD-01 Baton Strike
DAD-02 Heightened Senses
DAD-03 Sonar
DAD-04 Amazing Agility
DAD-05 Man Without Fear
DAD-06 Swing Line
DAD-07 Blind Luck
Doc Ock
DOK-01 Dangerous Experiment
DOK-02 Tentacles of Fury
DOK-03 What are the Odds?
DOK-04 Easy Eight
DOK-05 Four-way Attack
DOK-06 Idle Hands
Dr. Doom
DRD-01 Plan B
DRD-02 The Power Cosmic
DRD-03 Reign of Terror
DRD-04 Decoy Program
DRD-05 Mystical Confusion
DRD-06 Mystical Fog
ELK-01 Crossed Blades
ELK-02 Double Sai Strike
ELK-03 Waiting in Ambush
ELK-04 Concentration
ELK-05 Mystical Training
ELK-06 Group Tactics
ELK-07 Contract
ELK-08 Counterstrike
Ghost Rider
GHR-01 Chain Attack
GHR-02 Relentless Assault
GHR-03 Revenge
GHR-04 Burn Rubber
GHR-05 Penance Stare
GHR-06 Vengeance
GHR-07 Burning Mad
GHR-08 Road Warrior
GHR-09 Spirit of Vengeance
GHR-10 (Unconfirmed)
Green Goblin
GRG-01 Strike From Above
GRG-02 Flight
GRG-03 Pumpkin Bomb
GRG-04 Hostile Takeover
GRG-05 Inner Struggle
GRG-06 Paranoia
HLK-01 Crushing Blow
HLK-02 Getting Angry
HLK-03 Super-Leap
HLK-04 Hulking Out
HLK-05 Hulk Smash!
HLK-06 Rush of Adrenaline
Human Torch
HMT-03 Nova Flame
HMT-04 Cosmic Radiation
HMT-05 Flaming Aura
HMT-06 Nova Burst
Invisible Woman
IVW-01 Force Bubble
IVW-02 Flight
IVW-03 Enraged
IVW-04 Stealth Strike
IVW-05 Force Field
IVW-06 Invisibility
IVW-08 Psionic Blast
Iron Man
IRM-01 Focused Blast
IRM-02 Jet Boots
IRM-03 Power Strike
IRM-04 Recharge
IRM-05 Energy Shield
IRM-06 Wide Beam
JUG-01 Flying Tackle
JUG-02 Mystical Energy
JUG-03 Smash!
JUG-04 Appetite for Destruction
JUG-05 Steamroller
JUG-06 Unmasked
JUG-07 Invasion
JUG-08 Reckless Charge
MAG-01 Flight
MAG-02 Magnetic Personality
MAG-03 Magnetic Force
MAG-04 Entangle
MAG-05 Leadership
MAG-06 Twisted Metal
Mole Man
MOM-01 Bojutsu Strike
MOM-02 Burrowing
MOM-03 High Ground
MOM-04 Sewer Surprise
MOM-05 Sinkhole
MOM-06 Summon Monster
Mr. Fantastic
MRF-01 Brilliant Mind
MRF-02 Framistat
MRF-03 Stretch Attack
MRF-04 Far-Reaching Plans
MRF-05 Long-Range Grab
MRF-06 Twisted Dodge
NAM-01 Flight
NAM-02 Force of Will
NAM-03 Shark
NAM-04 (Unconfirmed)
NAM-05 (Unconfirmed)
NAM-06 (Unconfirmed)
PUN-01 Extra Ammo
PUN-02 Outgunned
PUN-03 Punishment
PUN-04 Cover Fire
PUN-05 Dual Sidearms
PUN-06 Fully Loaded
Silver Surfer
SIS-01 High-Speed Turn
SIS-02 The Power Cosmic
SIS-03 Surf's Up
SIS-04 Cosmic Awareness
SIS-05 Molecular Control
SIS-06 Tireless Warrior
SPM-01 Spider Strength
SPM-02 Web Shooter
SPM-03 Web Slinging
SPM-04 Alien Symbiote
SPM-05 Come To Me!
SPM-06 Spider Reflexes
SPM-07 Sticky Situation
SPM-08 Altered Genetics
SPM-09 Spider Senses
SPM-10 Wall Crawling
THG-01 Batter Up!
THG-02 It's Clobberin' Time!
THG-03 One-Two Punch
THG-04 Charge!
THG-05 Rock Solid
THR-01 Divine Protector
THR-02 Hammer Time
THR-03 Mjolnir
THR-04 Flight
THR-06 Retrieve
VNM-01 Keen Senses
VNM-02 Rage
VNM-03 Web Slinging
VNM-04 Fear
VNM-05 The Symbiote
VNM-06 Tongue Lashing
WLV-01 Combat Reflexes
WLV-02 Healing Factor
WLV-03 Snikt!
WLV-04 Berserker Rage
WLV-05 Deep Wound
WLV-06 Nasty Surprise
WLV-07 Heightened Senses
WLV-08 Intense Training
WLV-09 Chopper
WLV-10 In One Swing
WLV-11 Shrug It Off
WLV-12 (Unconfirmed)