Marvel Legends

Base Set

Secret Identity Cards

Level-A Costume Change Cards
CC1 Spider-Man
CC2 Nomad
CC3 Iron Man
CC4 Cyclops
CC5 Marvel Girl
CC6 Storm
CC7 Wolverine
CC8 Daredevil
CC9 Hulk

Level-B Costume Change Cards
CC10 Spider-Man
CC11 The Captain
CC12 Iron Man
CC13 Cyclops
CC14 Phoenix
CC15 Storm
CC16 Ultimate Wolverine
CC17 Daredevil
CC18 Mr. Fixit

Spider-Man Ultimate Foil Cards (Boxtoppers)
1 (web-spinning)
2 (soft landing)
3 (wall-climbing)
4 (upside down at window)

P1 Spider-Man (comics insert)
P2 Human Torch (Wizard #115)
P3 Daredevil (comics, NSU)

Oversized Dealer Promos (4" x 6", with folder; blank backs exceptfor Topps and Marvel logos)
1 Check Out: Secret Identity Cards!
2 Check Out: Custom Cover Cards!
3 Check Out: Costume Change Cards!
4 Own an original legend...