Marvel 3D - 2015 Upper Deck

Base Set

Lenticular 3D Parallel

Lenticular 3D Die-Cut Framework Parallel
 2-3D Baron Zemo
 4-3D Captain America
 6-3D Enchantress
 9-3D Hulk
11-3D Leader
13-3D Loki
16-3D Melter
17-3D Nick Fury
18-3D Red Skull
19-3D S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent
21-3D Thor
22-3D Master Strike
23-3D Ultron
24-3D Whirlwind
26-3D Zzzax
29-3D Doctor Octopus
30-3D Green Goblin
31-3D Spider-Man
35-3D Deadpool
36-3D Emma Frost
38-3D Magneto
39-3D Savage Land Mutates
42-3D Wolverine
43-3D Wound
44-3D Egghead
45-3D Daredevil [Suspended]
46-3D Elektra [Raft outbreak]
48-3D Punisher [Stuart Clarke]
50-3D Daredevil [New Mexico]
52-3D Ghost Rider [Leviathan]
53-3D Iron Fist [Eighth City]
54-3D Punisher [Daredevil]
55-3D Blade [Doctor Doom]
56-3D Daredevil [System Crash]
57-3D Ghost Rider [Centurious]
58-3D Iron Fist [Davos]
59-3D Punisher [Kreigkopf]
60-3D Electro
61-3D Rhino
62-3D Angel
63-3D Bishop
64-3D Cable
67-3D Forge
68-3D Iceman
69-3D Jean Grey
72-3D Professor X

Affinity Lenticular Quad
  A-1 Antihero: Wolverine / Punisher / Deadpool / Hulk
  A-2 Arachnophobia: Green Goblin / Electro / Lizard / Venom
  A-3 Avengers: Thor / Hulk / Iron Man / Captain America
  A-4 Sinishter Subversives: Baron Zemo / Supreme Hydra / Red Skull / Madame Hydra
  A-5 Covert Hero Class: Professor X / Blade / Emma Frost / Elektra
  A-6 Durable: Blob / Colossus / Rhino / Juggernaut
  A-7 Enemies of Asgard: Ymir / Destroyer / Enchantress / Frost Giant
  A-8 Evil Genius: Egghead / Doctor Octopus / Leader / Mister Sinister
  A-9 Femme Fatale: Lilith / Elektra / Enchantress / Black Widow
 A-10 Hand-to-Hand: Captain America / Daredevil / Iron Fist / Spider-Man
 A-11 Henchmen: Sentinels / Savage Land Mutates / The Hand / Phalanx
 A-12 Horsemen: Wolverine / Gambit / Angel / Apocalypse
 A-13 Marvel Knights: Blade / Daredevil / Ghost Rider / Elektra
 A-14 Mastermind: Stryfe / Red Skull / Magneto / Loki
 A-15 Masters of Evil: Melter / Tombstone / Ultron / Whirlwind
 A-16 Radiation: Maestro / Leader / Abomination / Zzzax
 A-17 Shadowland: Bullseye / Daredevil / Elektra / The Hand
 A-18 S.H.I.E.L.D.: Shield Agent / Maria Hill / Nick Fury / Black Widow
 A-19 Street Level Crime: Hammerhead / Kingpin / Jigsaw / Tombstone
 A-20 Street Level Hero: Punisher / Iron Fist / Elektra / Daredevil
 A-21 Tech Hero Class: Domino / Forge / Hawkeye / Nick Fury
 A-22 Vengeanace: Melter / Punisher / Ghost Rider / Blade
 A-23 X-Men: Angel / Cyclops / Iceman / Jean Grey
 A-24 Zero Victory Points: Master Strike / Wound / Scheme Twist / Bystander
3D Comic Covers
 3D-1 Incredible Hulk #1
 3D-3 Amazing Fantasy #15
 3D-5 The Amazing Spider-Man #1
 3D-6 Uncanny X-Men #1
 3D-7 The Avengers #1
 3D-9 X-Men #4
3D-10 Daredevil #1
3D-11 The Amazing Spider-Man #14
3D-15 The Incredible Hulk (vol. 2) #181
3D-16 X-Men (vol. 1) #137
3D-17 Wolverine #1
3D-18 Secret Wars #1
3D-21 (no 3D-21)
3D-23 X-Men (vol. 2) #1

3D Game Designer Autographs
 1DL Black Widow
 2DL Captain America
 3DL Enchantress
 4DL Hawkeye
 5DL Iron Man
 6DL Leader
 7DL Loki
 8DL Nick Fury
 9DL Red Skull
10DL Thos
12DL Green Goblin
13DL Green Goblin
14DL Spider-Man
15DL Scheme Twist
16DL Bystander
17DL Magneto
18DL Wound
35DL x

3D Artist Autographs
 1A Abomination
 2A Baron Zemo
 3A Black Widow
 5A Destroyer
 6A Enchantress
 7A Frost Giant
 8A Hawkeye
 9A Hulk
10A Iron Man
11A Leader
12A Lizard
13A Loki
14A Maestro
16A Melter
21A Thor
22A Master Strike
23A Ultron
24A Whirlwind
25A Ymir
26A Zzzax
27A The Hand
28A Bystander
29A Doctor Octopus
30A Green Goblin
31A Spider-Man
32A Venom
33A Scheme Twist
35A Deadpool
38A Magneto
44A Egghead
45A Daredevil
46A Elektra
47A Gladiator
48A Punisher
49A Blade
50A Daredevil
51A Elektra
52A Ghost Rider
53A Iron Fist
54A Punisher
55A Blade
56A Daredevil
57A Ghost Rider
59A Punisher
60A Electro
61A Rhino
63A Bishop
64A Cable
65A Colossus
66A Domino
67A Forge
68A Iceman
69A Jean Grey
70A Nightcrawler
71A Phalanx
72A Professor X

Playable Legendary DBG Cards

Playable Legendary Sketch Cards
Abomination             Villain - Radiation
Baron Zemo              Villain - Masters of Evil
Black Widow             Covert Operation
Black Widow             Silent Sniper
Blob                    Villain - Brotherhood
Captain America         Diving Block
Cyclops                 X-Men United
Destroyer               Villain - Enemies of Asgard
Doctor Octopus          Villain - Spider-Foes
Emma Frost              Psychic Link
Enchantress             Villain - Enemies of Asgard
Gambit                  High Stakes Jackpot
Gambit                  Hypnotic Charm
Green Goblin            Villain - Spider Foes
Hawkeye                 Covering Fire
Hawkeye                 Impossible Trick Shot
Iron Man                Arc Reactor
Iron Man                Quantum Breakthrough
Juggernaut              Villain - Brotherhood
The Leader              Radiation
The Lizard              Villain - Spider Foes
Loki                    Mastermind
Maestro                 Villain - Radiation
Magneto                 Mastermind
Mystique                Villain - Brotherhood
Nick Fury               Legendary Commander
Nick Fury               Pure Fury
Red Skull               Mastermind
Rogue                   Copy Powers
Rogue                   Steal Abilities
Sabretooth              Villain - Brotherhood
Spider-Man              The Amazing Spider-Man
Spider-Man              Web-Shooters
Storm                   Spinning Cyclone
Storm                   Tidal Wave
Venom                   Villain - Spider-Foes
Viper                   Villain - HYDRA
Wolverine               Berserker Rage
Wolverine               Frenzied Slashing
Ymir, Frost Giant King  Villain - Enemies of Asgard

Lenticular Preview Sample Cards
Spider-Man            3D Base
The Amazing Spiderman 3D Comic Cover